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(b. 1949) is a Belizean politician and a member of the People's United Party

In 1984, he became a candidate for the House of Representatives in Queen's Square, running against attorney and city councillor Dean Barrow. He lost and returned to private life until 1989, when he was appointed a Senator and Minister of State in Finance and Leader of Government Business in the Senate until 1993. In 1993 elections he won in the newly created Belize Rural Central constituency despite the PUP's close overall loss. He repeated this victory in 1998 and 2003. He served in Cabinet as Minister of Budget Management, Investment and Home Affairs until 2003, when he was moved to Finance again while keeping Home Affairs. He is now down to just Home Affairs as of 2006. He has served as National Campaign Manager for the blue since 1985. Fonseca was undecided as to whether he will serve a fourth term[1][2] but has decided to contest his constituency (see Belizean legislative election, 2008 for details).
Fonseca attended St. John's College High School and Sixth Form before going to university in Canada to major in information technology, specialising in systems analysis and control data. He is married with three children. Fonseca reportedly loves diving and fishing.
Fonseca on his return to Belize after university acted as assistant general manager of Texaco oil company in Belize. He had previously engineered jobs in Canada in various capacities of information technology. In Belize he worked for Hillbank Agroindustries and Consolidated Electricity Services. Sandwiched between these were posts as chairman of the former Belize Electricity Board, now Belize Electricity Limited, and the Telecommunications Authority, now BTL.


As Minister of Finance, Fonseca popularized the policy of growth economics, which proposes to develop Belize's economy through privatization of assets and encouraging foreign investments, which in turn is supposed to create jobs for Belizeans. Supporters argue that Growth Economics is behind Belize's consecutive gains in total growth; detractors say any benefits from growth economics only accrues to PUP interests and in reality Fonseca has damaged Belize's international reputation due to high debt and poor economic indicators.[3] He has further been accused of practicing official corruption, granting favors to party supporters in return for shares in the profits. However, claims either way cannot be measured.
Fonseca has a notably tense relationship with certain media houses antagonistic to his policies. The Amandala and KREM Radio, who under chairman Evan X Hyde had been in partnership with the PUP since 1994, claimed to have ended that relationship under pressure from Fonseca.[4] Tropical Vision Limited Channel 7, managed by Jules Vasquez, has also come under fire by Fonseca for a perceived bias against him.


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